Pet Transport Paris to London

Pet Transportation From Paris to London Through Eurotunnel

Travelling between Paris and London with your pets may appear like an insurmountable task, but with proper preparation it can become a seamless experience. UK and Europe pet taxi provide comfort, flexibility, and security both for yourself as well as your furry friends. Driving pets through the Eurotunnel is often chosen by pet owners due to its reduced stress on them compared to air travel.

Check Essential Things Before Pet Transport for Your Pets

Prior to travelling with your pet, make sure your vehicle is fully prepared. Make sure it provides enough room for them to remain relaxed during travel. Consider using a carrier or harness as safety precautions. Pack essentials like food and water as well as their favourite toys to help ease tension during transit.

Pet Health and Documents

When you  travel with your pets from Paris to London , take steps to ensure their well-being by visiting a vet for a health examination and vaccinations as required. Make sure you bring their passport with proof of rabies vaccination, microchip identification details and necessary entry paperwork along for entry.

Booking the UK and Europe Pet Taxi Through Eurotunnel

Before booking a UK and Europe Pet Taxi with your pet make sure to notify them that each pet travel regulations have different fees associated with them so be sure to familiarise yourself with them for compliance purposes. Journey from Paris to London with your pets where the Eurotunnel terminal is located can take approximately three hours, then following their procedures for pet transportation is about 35 minutes long during which you and your vehicle remain together during crossing.

FAQs About Pet Transportation From Paris to London

How Can We Guarantee Comfortable Pet Transport From Paris To London?

For our Paris to London pet transportation service to be as enjoyable and stress-free for pets as possible, our vehicles feature climate control and ample space. Plus, regular stops are made for exercise and hydration breaks to reduce stress on our journey and create an enjoyable journey experience for them. Additionally, high quality carriers harness secure pets securely whilst our drivers have been specially trained in handling them carefully throughout. Our goal is a smooth trip.

Can We Transport Pets From Paris to London via Train?

Using Uk and Europe Pet taxi services allows us to transport pets between Paris and London using train travel, minimising stress associated with other forms of travel for both you and your animal companion. Travel time from France to the UK crossing is just 35 minutes. Selecting this method keeps your pets in familiar environments while making their journey less taxing and more pleasurable.

What Services Do We Provide for Pet Transport from Paris to London?

We provide comprehensive pet transport from Paris to London that ensures an effortless journey for both parties involved. This includes door-to-door transport from your location in Paris right through to its arrival destination in London; providing peace of mind that all travel regulations have been adhered to. Offering personalised care on every journey as well as regular updates about how your pet’s journey is proceeding.

Are We Capable of Handling All Breeds of Pet Transport from Paris to London?

Absolutely, our experienced team is skilled at managing an assortment of breeds for pet transport from Paris to London. Whether your animal requires special care due to age or breed type, or needs extra space when flying no problem, our services have you covered and provide safe transport without stress for both small and large breed pets alike. Our services cater specifically for these unique characteristics for an enjoyable journey.

Do We Provide Door-to-Door Pet Transport from Paris to London?

Yes, our professional team offers convenient and stress-free door-to-door pet transport between Paris and London for pet owners. This service ensures your pet travels as seamlessly as possible from its departure point in Paris all the way through to its arrival location in London. Eliminating multiple transfers while shortening travel time significantly. With us on their journey there’s peace of mind knowing all aspects are managed expertly to guarantee its arrival safely.

How Much Is the Cost of a Pet Taxi Service from Paris to London?

The cost of pet taxi services between Paris and London will depend upon various factors, such as size and breed of your animal, comfort requirements for both themselves and safety, distance travelled and time of travel. UK and Europe pet taxi services offering door-to-door transport can cost anything between PS500 and PS1,500 per journey. This fee covers professional care, compliance with all pertinent regulations and ensuring a safe and pleasant journey for your pet.

Transport vehicles often feature amenities tailored specifically for transporting pets, including climate control and spacious interiors as well as secure travel crates or harnesses to accommodate them. Cost may include additional services, including pre-travel health checks, documentation handling and real-time updates to pet owners during their journey.

When investing in high-quality pet taxi service providers, their top priority should always be the welfare of your animal companion, making the journey as stress-free as possible for both of you.

Are Dogs Allowed on the Eurotunnel Train?

Yes, dogs are allowed on board the Eurotunnel train, making it one of the most convenient and pet-friendly ways of travel from Paris to London. UK and Europe Pet Taxi Services provide comfortable travel in their own vehicle, which significantly decreases stress associated with other forms of transport. To take advantage of this service, it’s necessary to plan ahead and inform Eurotunnel that you will be travelling with an animal companion. A pet travel fee applies, which covers administrative costs associated with managing this travel experience for your furry friend.

Assuring your dog has a valid pet passport, being microchipped, and up-to-date vaccinations before heading on an Eurotunnel journey takes approximately 35 minutes during which you should remain inside with him/her. Maintaining an environment consistent with Paris will help your dog remain calm and at ease during his travels to London. At border control upon arriving in Britain, all necessary documentation will need to be presented for entry approval making this mode of travel highly efficient.


Travelling between Paris and London with your pet doesn’t need to be complicated; by opting to drive through the Eurotunnel you can provide a safe, comfortable, and hassle-free journey for them. By planning ahead and using professional pet transport services you can ensure an uninterrupted trip. Whether it be moving homes, visiting family, or taking vacation trips.

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